Reusable Nappies For Your Baby’s Bum 

You probably know that babies go through a lot of diapers, but not all of us know just how many. According to an EPA report, 20 billion disposable diapers are thrown away every year—and each one can take up to 500 years to decompose.

Instead of single-use baby care items, we’ve found reusable diapers and nappies that are just as effective, plus much healthier for the environment. Made to last over time while still keeping your little one safe, these cloth diapers and nappies will be a long-term investment in both baby and Mother Earth.

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1. Esembly

Made From | GOTS Certified organic cotton
Standout Ethics | Women-owned & -operated
Size Range | 7–35 lbs.
Price Range | $12 (inner cloth diaper) - $99 (diaper try-it kit)

What started as a diaper laundering service in New York City over a decade ago has now grown into a women-owned and -operated business committed to sustainable and low-impact cloth diapers. Today, Esembly offers cloth diapers that are made of absorbent inners and waterproof outers, and are crafted responsibly in Pakistan using South Asian GOTS Certified organic cotton. Sent to you in 100 percent recycled packaging, it’s the most eco-friendly way to shop.

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2. Package Free Shop

Made From | 100 percent organic cotton
Standout Ethics | Plastic-free practices
Size Range | 5–35 lbs.
Price Range | $20 (newborn fitted diaper) - $37 (diaper cover)

As implied by the name, Package Free Shop is dedicated to minimizing waste and single-use products. Here, you can find one-size-fits-all diapers made of 100 percent organic cotton, including expandable ones that grow with your baby. For extra protection, add the Merino Wool Oeko-Tex certified wool diaper cover. This is a sustainable and plastic-free way to keep your baby dry and delighted.

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3. Green Mountain Diapers

Made From | 100 percent Oeko-Tex certified cotton
Standout Ethics | Family-owned & -operated
Size Range | 6–40 lbs.
Price Range | $11.50 (cloth diaper) - $160 (newborn setup kit)

You may already know of Green Mountain Diapers’ Cloth-eez brand that, in addition to diapers, also includes baby wipes and swaddle blankets crafted with organic cotton. GMD started over two decades ago after dealing with messy diaper issues (you know the kind), and today, it’s still a family-run small business. Using high-end cotton, the strongest stitching you can find, and pre-folding sizes, these reusable cloth diapers will withstand the test of time.

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4. GroVia

Made From | 100 percent certified organic cotton, hemp, water-resistant PTU
Standout Ethics | Ethically made
Size Range | 5–70 lbs.
Price Range | $8.95 (cloth diaper) - $560 (full-time bundle)

For over 10 years, GroVia has built a modern, eco-friendly cloth diaper that’s taken the market by storm. Whether you need organic cotton all-in-ones, hybrid cloths made with hemp, or reusable nappies for your newborn, you can find diapers that are as effective as they are adorable. Ethically made without dangerous chemicals, these reusable diapers are some of the most affordable, sustainable options we’ve found.

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5. EcoNaps

Made From | Heat-bonded TPU, synthetic micro-suede, bamboo terry
Standout Ethics | Composts or recycles 99 percent of waste
Size Range | 3.5–16 kg (7.5–35 lbs.)
Price Range | $34.95 AUS (cloth diaper) - $559 AUS (cloth diaper 24-pack)

For cloth diapers and reusable nappies from Australia, check out EcoNaps. Dedicated to sustainable practices like solar power, composting, and recycling 99 percent of its waste, EcoNaps is an environmentally conscious brand advocating for both people and the planet. With heat-bonded TPU (no chemical glues or solvents here!) and absorbent bamboo terry, it’s easier than ever to keep your baby’s bum protected. And no surprise here, it’s all shipped to you in 100 percent compostable satchels and recyclable packaging.

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6. Bambino Mio

Made From | Inner: 100 percent polyester; Core: 85 percent polyester, 15 percent nylon
Standout Ethics | Toxic chemical-free
Size Range | 8–21+ lbs.
Price Range | $25.49 (cloth diaper) - $384.99 (birth to potty pack)

With worldwide delivery, Bambino Mio has crafted premium cloth diapers loved by parents and babies alike. Available in one- or two-pieces, these cloth diapers use adjustable snaps and fastenings to expand as your little one grows from baby to toddler. Equipped with water-resistant outer fabric, unique pull tabs for easy use, and super soft fabric, it’s no surprise that Bambino Mio’s cloth diapers have racked up award after award.

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7. Smart Bottoms

Made From | 100 percent certified organic cotton, hemp
Standout Ethics | Made in the USA
Size Range | 5–35 lbs.
Price Range | $19.95 (cloth diaper) - $180 (diaper package)

If you haven’t yet decided between using all-in-one or insert diapers, Smart Bottoms can help because it carries best-selling versions of both! All made in the USA using either certified organic cotton or hemp, you can shop a la carte or opt for one of the tailored packages. Leave the guesswork to Smart Bottoms and make changing time simpler than ever.

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8. Etsy

Made From | Varies (organic cotton, bamboo, etc.)
Standout Ethics | Supporting small businesses
Size Range | 5 lbs.+
Price Range | $7–$60+, varies by seller

The beauty of Etsy as a worldwide marketplace is that you can find almost anything you need, customized to your personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for nappies for your smaller-than-average newborn or international cloth diapers made of bamboo; you can find it all here. Best of all, you can seek out sellers who are geographically closest to you to minimize your carbon footprint. With a wide variety of patterns, sizes, and accommodations, Etsy makes finding cloth diapers and reusable nappies easy.

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