Go All Natural With Linen

Move over cotton, there’s a new sustainable material in town: linen. Grown from flax plants, linen is easy to grow, requires little water, and is biodegradable. Once sourced, it’s durable, resilient, and only gets better (and softer!) with time. As if that’s not enough, linen is breathable and moisture-wicking, so it will keep you cool through the warmer months and can be comfortably layered in the cooler ones. (It also requires almost zero special care, so sign us up.)

We’ve found 10 apparel brands that are using natural linen for dresses with stunning silhouettes, tapered bottoms, and oversized tops that are as relaxing as they are sustainable. Whether you’re intrigued for its eco-friendly properties or simply want to invest in long-lasting looks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you make the switch.

1. MagicLinen

Based In | Lithuania
Ethics | Eco-friendly, organic, ethically made, small batch
Price | $41 (tote bag) - $124 (robe)

MagicLinen began when founder Vita noticed how her mother’s and grandmother’s linen apparel lasted much longer than her own in their home country of Lithuania. Today, MagicLinen is a family-owned business loved by many, specializing in bespoke linen textiles and apparel. The stonewashed and softened linen comes in a number of sizes and can even be tailored for custom orders. With maximum prices of $125, you can add this shop to your list for affordable apparel. MagicLinen ships internationally for free—but you can pay extra for express—so you can wear these special styles anywhere.

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2. Love and Confuse

Based In | Lithuania
Ethics | Ethically made, 100 percent natural & eco-friendly, made-to-order
Price | $55 (cami) - $102 (jumpsuit)

Love and Confuse knows we don’t have to choose between style and sustainability. Its gorgeous line of linen tops, dresses, and pants are made ethically by this family-run business and packaged with eco-friendly materials. Cut, sewn, and made to order, you can select from dozens of styles in nearly any color, made just for you—all through its Etsy shop. And at a price point that maxes out at around $100, it’s worth stocking up on more than just a few pieces—especially since Love and Confuse offers free international shipping. Consider this your new wardrobe.

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3. Linenfox

Based In | Lithuania
Ethics | Eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable packaging, ethically made
Price | $18 (belt) - $107 (jacket)

Since 2014, the husband-and-wife duo behind Linenfox has been crafting linen garments that are sustainable, beautifully designed, and ethically made. With hundreds of apparel options (including jumpsuits, tunics, and even aprons), you’ll find any kind of piece you need, all at a cost-effective price. Made in Lithuania, it ships internationally and uses eco-friendly packaging so you’re opting for some of the most low-impact apparel around. Not sure if you’re ready to add to your cart? Check out the thousands of happy customer reviews on Etsy!

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Based In | New York City, NY
Ethics | Organic linen, eco-friendly, ethically made
Price | $128 (top) - $338 (cardigan)

In the market for sustainable and stylish linen? Look no further than EILEEN FISHER. The ethically made, 100 percent organic linen apparel is made to last. Using flax from France, though the company ships internationally, EILEEN FISHER’s neutral pieces can be mixed and matched for an effortless work-to-weekend wardrobe. Our top picks include the jackets and cardigans, ideal for any season and occasion, and the light and breezy dresses. Every piece from its linen collection has been sourced via organic farming and dyed naturally. The right texture, the right fit, and the right ethics.


5. Míe

Based In | Nigeria
Ethics | Biodegradable & natural fabrics, made-to-order
Price | $45 (top) - $210 (maxi dress)

Whether or not you find yourself at a resort this summer, invite that same energy by wearing one of Míe’s elegant linen dresses or matching sets. We adore the details of each garment: puff sleeves, playful ties, and timeless colors make for the perfect long-lasting statement piece. All of Míe’s pieces are handmade-to-order by local seamstresses in Nigeria, where the brand is based (be sure to get on the pre-order list!) You can enjoy worldwide shipping and free shipping on orders of over $250.

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6. Ode To Sunday

Based In | Lithuania
Ethics | Low-impact, ethically made, sustainable, made-to-order
Price | €48 (top) - €103 (dress)

Want one-of-a-kind pieces that are made to order and natural? Look no further than Ode To Sunday. Utilizing Lithuanian medium-weight linen, the tops, dresses, and bottoms are as sustainable as they are effortless. Made to order by tailors who are paid fair wages, you can expect your piece in one to two weeks—no matter where you live, since Ode to Sunday ships worldwide. With dozens of options, there is the linen look you want for any reason—or for any season.

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7. Posse

Based In | Sydney, Australia
Ethics | Handmade, small batch, supports Balinese women
Price | $89 (top) - $399 (dress)

Posse believes we can invest in timeless looks and women. Ethically handmade by women in Bali earning livable wages, Posse has created a resourceful and sustainable supply chain that is better for us all. And the results are stunning and chic linen clothing for everyday and beyond. Based out of Sydney, Australia, the team ships worldwide—so go ahead and join the posse.

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8. Pyne & Smith

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Low-impact, eco-friendly, ethically made, made in the USA
Price | $117 (top) - $220 (overalls)

If you’ve ever struggled to find cool and comfortable clothing for warm climates, Pyne & Smith knows exactly what you’re going through—and it’s here to present the solution. Starting with 100 percent flax linen from Europe, the team behind P&S crafts small batches of its custom-designed dresses. It even recycles leftover fabric for car and airplane seat coverings. Finished in an ethical factory in LA, but available for international shipping, the dresses are perfect for work, dinner, the beach, and beyond.

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9. Mila

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Natural, ethically made
Price | $130 (top) - $445 (suit jacket)

Throw on and go: that’s the motto of luxury ethical brand Mila. The ethically made linen apparel is designed to be simple, chic, and forever comfortable. The tops, pants, and dresses are made in Chile, with 100 percent linen that feels simply magical on your skin. We love Mila’s extra-soft texture, warm colors, and focus on hand-washing and air-drying for the lowest impact. Add one of its artisan-made fanny packs to your look, and you’re all set to take on the world. Based in LA, Mila currently ships domestically.

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10. Rachel Craven

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Made in the USA, low-impact dyes, biodegradable
Price | $180 (top) - $340 (jumpsuit)

Rachel Craven designs minimal silhouettes for all bodies. The free-flowing, simply colored dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and bottoms are expertly sewn in Los Angeles using high-quality European linen and low-impact dyes. The brand stands by the durability (and biodegradability) of its pieces and says after 20 to 30 years, if your beloved item is ready to say goodbye, you can lovingly rip it up and return it to the earth. Sold online and in boutiques throughout the US, Canada, and Japan, the company also ships internationally.

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