Cruelty-Free Safety In The Sun

One in every five Americans will develop skin cancer in his or her lifetime. Protecting our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays not only prevents premature aging and sun spots—it can save our lives. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, we should be wearing sunscreen every day of the year. 

With warmer, longer days in the near future, it’s essential to apply sun protection each morning—but our health should not come at the expense of animal testing. These cruelty-free sunscreen brands do not test their sunscreens on animals and many of them use vegan, natural ingredients that are good for you and good for the earth.

So, whether you’re headed to the beach or just running daily errands, lather up with one of our favorite, all natural, ethically formulated sunscreens. (And while you’re protecting yourself, take care of your eyes—and the skin around them—with these eco-friendly sunglasses.)

1. Supergoop

Natural & Organic | Clean ingredients, oxybenzone-free, paraben-free, free of synthetic ingredients
Eco-Friendly | Reef-safe
Ethical | Cruelty-free
Our Pick | PLAY Body Mousse SPF 50
Price | $34 for 7.1 fl oz

Supergoop sunscreen fits into our daily routine—including under and over our makeup—and is always oxybenzone, paraben, and cruelty-free. You can even see the brand’s list of No Ingredients on its website! Supergoop's mousse is quick-absorbing, water-resistant, and delivers broad spectrum protection using clean, nourishing, natural ingredients.

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2. MyChelle Dermaceuticals

Natural & Organic | All natural, fragrance-free, no artificial colors
Eco-Friendly | GMO-free, reef-safe
Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free
Our Pick | Sun Shield SPF 28 Coconut
Price | $22 for 2.3 fl oz

Sun Shield is an unscented, full-spectrum UVA/UVB sun defense that offers powerful and effective coverage for both your face and body. The high-performance blend of antioxidants, including Vitamin E and Aloe, soothe skin, encourage its natural defense, and help to minimize the signs of sun-induced irritation.

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3. AllGood

Natural & Organic | All natural, organic
Eco-Friendly | Reef-safe, solar-powered production, non-GMO
Ethical | Cruelty-free, B Corp, 1% For The Planet
Our Pick | SPF 30 Kids Mineral Sunscreen Spray
Price | $19.99 for 6 fl oz

AllGood is dedicated to creating products that not only feel good on you, they actually make you feel better. AllGood crafts its products from healing herbs, and takes pride in being reef-safe, all natural, and cruelty-free. With sunscreen available in sticks, lotions, sprays, and butters for children and adults, there's something for every lifestyle.

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4. Juice Beauty

Natural & Organic | Organic, all natural
Eco-Friendly | Sustainable and renewable practices, sources local ingredients
Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free, yearly contributions to the Breast Cancer Foundation and EWG
Our Pick | SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen
Price | $16 for 3 fl oz

Made specifically for the outdoor life, Juice Beauty’s Sport Sunscreen is water-resistant, chemical-free, and packed with organic, antioxidant-rich vitamins. With ingredients like organic coconut, aloe, jojoba, Vitamin C & E, your skin is not only protected, but hydrated and moisturized.

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5. Badger

Natural & Organic | All natural, fragrance-free
Eco-Friendly | GMO-free, biodegradable, reef-safe
Ethical | Cruelty-free
Our Pick | Clear Zinc Unscented Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
Price | $19.99 for 4 fl oz

Badger’s unscented Sunscreen Lotion is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog pores), hypo-allergenic (meaning it’s great for sensitive skin), and made with clear zinc oxide so it will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Badger also creates similar formulas for more specific needs, including water-resistant, facial, sport, or baby-friendly sunscreens.

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6. 100% Pure

Natural & Organic | All natural, fragrance-free, no artificial colors
Eco-Friendly | GMO-free
Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free, partners of various animal rescue and abuse prevention organizations
Our Pick | Green Tea SPF 30
Price | $32 for 2.8 oz

100% Pure’s moisturizing sunscreen is packed with green tea’s anti-aging properties, hydrating aloe, and the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin E, all while also protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays with natural mineral zinc oxide.

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7. Babo Botanicals

Natural & Organic | Organic, fragrance-free
Eco-Friendly | Reef-safe
Ethical | B Corp, vegan, cruelty-free
Our Pick | Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
Price | $19.99 for 3 oz

Hypoallergenic and free of fragrance, this mineral-based sunscreen from Babo Botanicals is perfect for both babies and those with sensitive skin. It’s non-greasy, rubs on clear, and offers 80 minutes of resistance to water and sweat. Plus, while it’s formulated with 19 percent zinc oxide, it also moisturizes skin with soothing certified organic oils.

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8. Kabana

Natural & Organic | Organic, all natural, soy-free, gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free
Eco-Friendly | Reef-friendly, GMO-free
Ethical | Cruelty-free
Our Pick | Green Screen Organic Sunscreen SPF 32
Price | $30.95 for 8 oz

Made just outside of Denver, Colorado, Kabana Organic Sunscreen is family-safe, pregnancy-safe, and even recommended for babies under six months old. Containing just eight ingredients (and 86 percent certified organic), this sunscreen is free from fragrances and is biodegradable and reef-safe.

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9. True Natural

Natural & Organic | All natural, gluten-free, unscented, alcohol-free
Eco-Friendly | GMO-free, EWG top rated
Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free
Our Pick | Caribbean Coconut SPF 30
Price | $18.99 for 3.4 fl oz

Formulated for those with sensitive skin or skin allergies, True Natural’s coconut sunscreen has been featured as a top-rated sunscreen by various publications, including Elle and The Surf Channel. The gentle mineral-based blend provides lasting UVA and UVB protection for your face and body, and is alcohol-free.

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10. Suntegrity

Natural & Organic | Fragrance-free, paraben-free
Eco-Friendly | Reef-safe
Ethical | Cruelty-free
Our Pick | Unscented Natural Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF 30
Price | $24 for 3 fl oz

Packed with antioxidants, this unscented and non-greasy sunscreen from Suntegrity is perfect all year round. It’s crafted with organic ingredients including green tea and cucumber extracts, as well as naturally derived hyaluronic acid. And it contains 20 percent non-nano zinc oxide to provide UVA and UVB protection to your skin. No matter where you’re catching rays, at 3 oz., it’s a travel-friendly bottle you can bring anywhere.

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