Finding The Best Prenatal Vitamins

Caring for you and your little one’s health while expecting can be a challenge—especially when all you really want to do is eat pickles and ice cream (or maybe both at once? No judgment here). Enter: prenatal vitamins, a daily supplement to help bridge the nutrition gaps your body may be experiencing.

Unfortunately, many prenatal vitamins on the market include ingredients that upset already sensitive stomachs, or they aren’t tailored to specific kinds of lifestyles (think vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diets). So we’ve sourced five natural and organic prenatal vitamin brands to ease both your mind and your belly while providing the vital nutrients you need for fetal development and maternal health.

To learn more about why prenatal vitamins matter and what to look out for, we suggest reading this resource from the Mayo Clinic. And to choose the best option for you, we recommend talking to your OBGYN or healthcare provider.

(And while you’re preparing for baby’s arrival, check out our guide to pregnancy-safe cosmetics, too. Once they arrive, look out for these organic formula brands.)

1. Movita

Natural & Organic | USDA Certified organic proprietary blend & coating, GMO-free
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions, made in the USA, glass bottle
Price | $26.95 for a 30-day supply subscription (two multivitamins/day)

Movita, a women’s multivitamin brand, wants to ensure you and future baby feel your best. Made of a certified organic blend of fruits, vegetables, and probiotics, this formula goes through a proprietary fermentation process to ease digestion and absorption. All you need is two multivitamins a day; they contain 100 percent of the FDA’s daily recommended vitamins A & E, iron, folic acid, niacin, and more. Based on your needs, you can opt for a one-time or monthly supply.

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2. Ritual

Natural & Organic | 12 natural nutrients (biotin, vitamin E, iron), vegan capsules, GMO-free
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions, eco-friendly packaging
Price | $35 for one month subscription (two capsules/day)

Ritual is a leading name when it comes to natural supplements, and its Essential Prenatal Vitamin is no exception. These vitamins integrate a dozen clean nutrients responsibly sourced from around the world to guide you from pre- to post-pregnancy. Vegan-friendly and free from gluten, allergens, and GMOs, these delayed release capsules go down easy each and every day. Whether you choose a one-time purchase or recurring subscription, Ritual’s satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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3. SmartyPants

Natural & Organic | Certified organic ingredients (cane sugar, tapioca syrup), GMO-free, vegetarian
Standout Features | Made in the USA, recycled & recyclable packaging, gives back
Price | $26.99 for 150 gummy vitamins (five gummies/day)

Pills not your thing? SmartyPants’ organic prenatal vitamins combine all those hard-to-find nutrients like omega 3s, probiotics, vitamins D3 and B12, and folate into five delicious daily gummies instead. For every bottle sold, the SmartyPants team gives back to non-profit Vitamin Angels and has supported over ten million moms and children to date. Made in the USA in completely recyclable packaging, these vitamins are sustainably and responsibly sourced throughout the entire supply chain.

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4. Rainbow Light

Natural & Organic | Certified organic fruits, veggies, & probiotics, vegetarian, GMO-free
Standout Features | Recycled & recyclable packaging, gives back
Price | $39.99 for 120 capsules (four capsules/day) 

Whether you’re trying to conceive or you’re already expecting, Rainbow Light’s certified organic prenatal multivitamins give you everything you need for a healthy pregnancy. Its signature organic blend includes superfood spirulina alongside pomegranate, kelp, beets, ginger, artichoke, and more. With eco-friendly packaging, charitable giving to fight malnutrition, and investments in the “Save Our Shore” initiative, Rainbow Light wants to give back to all mothers, including Mother Earth.

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5. Hello Bello

Natural & Organic | USDA Certified organic nutrients & probiotics, vegetarian
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions, eco-friendly practices, gives back
Price | $10.88 for 60 gummy vitamins (three gummies/day)

Harness the power of probiotics with Hello Bello’s organic prenatal gummy vitamins. Formulated with folic acid, vitamin B6, and two billion CFU probiotics, these vegetarian gummies will simultaneously support mom’s health and baby’s development. In addition to being affordable, natural, and eco-friendly, the team also has a commitment to giving back and they want your suggestions, so your purchase has the greatest impact.

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