7 Socially Responsible Investment Platforms That Help You Invest In Both Purpose & Profit

Invest Like You Mean It:
Socially Responsible Investing 🌿

Where we invest financially is one of the most direct and simple ways we can contribute to values-based positive change in the world. Advancements in technology are continually making this task less intimidating and more accessible, enabling consumers at all investing levels to support sustainability efforts. We found seven socially responsible investment platforms that are easy, automated, transparent, and customizable so that you can use your money to invest in categories like green tech, renewable energy, and clean water—and match your financial goals with your personal values. 

1. Swell Investing

Socially Responsible Mission | Swell is an investment platform focused on providing consumers with a way to invest in companies that have a positive impact on the world. They carry forward the belief that what you care about and what you invest in can be one and the same. Swell invests in growth companies that offer innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges—like renewable energy, clean water, and healthcare. 

How It Works |膨胀是建立在一个信念,今天面临的最大挑战将导致未来的主导产业。每个自己的六个投资组合的代表站在基于重要的社会和环境趋势成长公开交易的公司的篮子。被列入他们的六种组合之一,每家公司都必须通过两次筛查:环境和社会绩效和股市的金融潜力。膨胀需要$ 50中的初始最低投资金额,并允许您在其基于自己的价值观6个组合分配你的投资: 

  1. Green Tech

  2. Renewable Energy

  3. Zero Waste

  4. Clean Water

  5. Healthy Living

  6. Disease Eradication

Minimum Investment Amount | $50

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2. Motif

Socially Responsible Mission |主题的目标是简化投资产品,使他们普遍访问,使任何人都可以选择将基于价值的投资。他们采取的战略,有纪律的投资方法,具有直观,透明,低成本的资源,装备你。通过主题,你就可以购买并持有标的股票,确切地知道你的钱是怎么回事,并避免隐藏费用。其方便的,可定制的平台,有效和方便使用的数据和技术。再加上,在你的证券账户将得到保护,高达$ 500,000。

How It Works |你的美元金额,而不是股投资,选择你的钱分散到一个或多个以下类别:可持续的星球,公平的劳工,以及良好的企业行为。您可以直接拥有股票之间五种不同的资产类别,自动化和见解行事,并检查您的纳税意识的自动投资的进度。主题提供的选项要么收现付,或每月订阅。具有自动漂移保护,你会留在轨道为您的财务目标。学会更多 watching the video here.

Minimum Investment Amount | $250

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3. OpenInvest

Socially Responsible Mission | OpenInvest is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to transparency and making a positive difference in the world. They promise to “help drive real change by investing in companies that promote good over evil.” When you invest with OpenInvest, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive and fully diversified portfolio that can be easily tailored to reflect your values. The company will help make tax optimization at the individual equities level possible over all accounts, and you’ll gain higher tax savings. OpenInvest supports individual & joint investment accounts and traditional, ROTH, and SEP IRAs.

How It Works |与openinvest,你会开一个经纪帐户,资金帐户,而且基本上让他们处理其余部分。你就可以宣布你关心什么的最多的(气候变化,社会平等等),使您的投资将直接对齐。 openinvest将致力于最大限度地提高您的影响,其中你会发现通过在线仪表测量,你就可以参加的运动,参与和利用投资者力量,使你的资产与市场直接增长。这种方法将有助于削减不必要的费用和税金,太。

Minimum Investment Amount | $100

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4. EarthFolio

Socially Responsible Mission | earthfolio是在思想根源无忧的自动投资服务,“投资是不是一个事务多,它在未来的个人利益。”与earthfolio投资将有助于共同基金促进积极的社会和环境的进步。它的在线咨询服务可以帮助您在归类为可持续的,负责任的基金投资独占。这使您可以通过智能,成本低,时效性的投资让这个世界更好一点。 

How It Works | You’ll take approximately ten minutes to design, set up, and start the process of managing account. Afterwards, you’ll own a fully diversified portfolio which is automatically rebalanced and optimized to your specific goals. You’ll have the choice to open an individual or joint account, trust account, IRA, or Roth Rollover, 401(k) or 403(b) Rollover, or SEP. You’ll also be able to share your goals. 

Minimum Investment Amount | $25,000, 0.5% annual fee

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5. Hedgeable

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How It Works |套期指导您完成低成本的ETF,个股,业主有限合伙制,房地产投资信托基金和另类资产投资的过程。你可以自定义你的投资组合中超过200点的方式,补充资本金,并不断让你的投资组合更多元化,并能增加流动性持有更多债券。该过程将允许你投资于另类资产(如比特币,风险资本和影响的原因),以及超过10万$所有帐户都将自动在核心卫星资产组合进行投资。 

Minimum Investment Amount | $1 and no minimum balances, minimum auto-deposits, or any other catches

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6. Ellevest

Socially Responsible Mission | Ellevest is the only digital advisor that truly takes the unique lifetime salary curve of women into account, not just her current salary. They claim, “Investing shouldn’t be unisex. We factor women’s risk preferences and longer lifespans into your plan.” Though Ellevest puts special emphasis on fair investing for women, they work with any adult US citizen to help make financial goals become realities through wise investing.

How It Works | Ellevest will calculate financial goal targets to meet your specific needs, taking special note of male/female financial trends so that retirement target amounts reflect the longer lifespans of women. They’ll factor in income differences and suggest how much you should contribute based on your specific financial profile. You’ll receive investment strategies that consider gender-specific salary curves and your goal targets. 

Minimum Investment Amount | No minimum balance

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7. Wunder Capital

Socially Responsible Mission | Founded in 2013, this award-winning investment platform is helping people invest in solar projects in the US. Wunder Capital wants you to "do well and do good"—your investment will serve the dual purpose of funding essential large scale eco-friendly solar projects, and your profits will go directly to your bank account.

How It Works | wunder拥有大型太阳能合作伙伴组成的全国网络,并主动管理的商用太阳能商机所有的采购,包销,承包,建设每个项目。从那里,他们管理与太阳能客户的持续关系,而在平台上发送的利润给投资者。他们值得信赖的能源研究人员和行业领导者的部门的团队帮助确定哪些项目,以实现使您的投资是多样的,良好的审核。

Minimum Investment Amount | $1,000

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