6 Sustainable Outdoor Furniture Brands For Your Backyard Oasis

Eco-Friendly Patio Furniture

Due to COVID-19, we anticipate staying closer to home this summer, which means it’s the perfect time to upgrade our personal spaces. Whether you have a small city balcony or an expansive backyard, you can freshen up your outdoor area and connect with Mother Nature herself.

We’ve found six sustainable brands using reclaimed, recycled, or responsibly sourced materials for outdoor furniture we can indulge in. Create the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted and bask in the summer sun.

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1. VivaTerra

Best For | Small spaces
Materials | Reclaimed wood & teak
Standout Ethic | Artisan-crafted
Price | $59 (planter seat)–$829 (table)

For more than 15 years, VivaTerra (aka “living earth”) has been dedicated to eco-conscious practices, artisan designs, and a modern aesthetic. VivaTerra crafts reclaimed wood and teak from regions like Laos, Indonesia, and India into sustainable outdoor furniture that’s perfect for small spaces or two-person households. With unique touches like a retractable wall bar, a barrel stave swing, or a trellis, you can make the most of your limited space.

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2. West Elm

Best For | Sectionals & loungers
Materials | Sustainably sourced wood
Standout Ethic | FSC Certified or upcycled materials
Price | $199 (side table)–$3,596 (4-piece sectional)

Not all “big” companies are irresponsible: Take a look at West Elm and the team’s major sustainability initiatives. Not only does the team invest in fair trade practices and organic materials, but they also use responsibly sourced wood for more than half of the furniture they produce. Transport yourself to a Mediterranean beach town by laying in a luxury chaise lounger, or indulge in a staycation with a new patio sectional.

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3. Crate & Barrel

Best For | Full sets & collections
Materials | FSC Certified teak & recycled plastic
Standout Ethic | Gives back
Price | $59 (mesh ottoman)–$2,753 (sectional)

For affordable, chic, and eco-friendly outdoor furniture, we love Crate & Barrel. Whether you want to dine al fresco in the backyard or lounge poolside, Crate & Barrel offers collections with streamlined aesthetics to easily bring your vision to life. Many pieces use FSC Certified teak and recycled plastic, showcasing what’s possible when you invest in sustainability. Plus, the team makes doing good externally a priority too, with a pledge to donate $100,000 to VOW to End Child Marriage.

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4. Yardbird

Best For | Outdoor dining sets
Materials | Recycled plastic
Standout Ethic | 100 percent recyclable
Price | $225 (side table)–$4,080 (outdoor set)

Yardbird gives new meaning to the phrase “no harm, no foul”—not only are 100 percent of Yardbird’s products made of recycled plastic, but every single piece is recyclable when you’re ready to retire them! By cutting out the middleman and shipping directly to you, Yardbird is able to offer high-quality outdoor furniture (we particularly love the dining sets!) at affordable prices. Elegant styles, durable materials, and thoughtful craftsmanship.

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5. Loll Designs

Best For | Family-friendly furniture
Materials | Recycled plastic
Standout Ethic | 95 percent of waste recycled
Price | $148.75 (side table)–$4,500 (bundles)

Loll Designs believes a better, greener world is possible. The brand has an annual clean-up initiative, is cradle-to-cradle certified, donates one percent to environmental causes, and produces sustainable outdoor furniture using single-use milk jugs. Best of all, when manufacturing is said and done, 95 percent of the waste is recycled, too. And the end result? Family-friendly furniture that’s durable, modern, and functional for everyone.

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6. Joybird

Best For | Seating
Materials | Sustainable wood
Standout Ethic | Plant trees with each purchase & support conservation initiatives
Price | $88 (rug)–$1,481 (convertible sofa)

Cue the “heart eye” emojis! Joybird’s line of sustainable outdoor furniture will make anyone swoon. Crafted with responsibly sourced wood and waterproof teak, you can find the seating, benches, and tables you’ve dreamed up for a mid-century inspired look. And made to withstand the test of time, pieces come with a lifetime warranty. With each product sold, Joybird also plants more trees than it took to make the piece in order to help preserve the world’s forests.

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